10 cleansing mistakes to avoid

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Just to let you guys know, I take cleansing and skincare extremely seriously; a good cleansing ritual leads to better looking and feeling skin. For me, skincare is more important than makeup, not just because I like to usually keep my look natural for the day but also because with good skin, about 80% of your makeup is already done. Speaking for myself, on my good skin days, I hardly wear any sort of foundation or bb cream and concealer is sparingly used.

Both men and women wish for spotless and poreless skin and believe me, slathering on tons of products no matter how expensive they are, will do you no good if you don’t start with a clean canvas. We are all humans, we make mistakes and there are times when we feel too tired to follow a cleansing routine but for the days when we do have the time and motivation to look after our skin, I have listed some of the most common mistakes that could be avoided because prevention, in this case, is much better than cure.

  1. Please invest in a good makeup remover and not rely on your facial cleanser to remove all the makeup on your face. There are some pretty affordable and expensive makeup removers available in the market but if you want to go all natural, use some olive oil or coconut oil depending on which suits your skin best (they both work like a dream, just follow it up with a good cleanser).
  2. Using the wrong cleanser for your skin type will give you disappointing results so do your research before heading out to buy one.
  3. Keeping the water temperature too hot or too cold can damage your skin, as hot water will dry out your skin while the cold water won’t be very helpful in cleaning up your pores. Opt for lukewarm water to get the job done effectively.
  4. I am guilty of this one, reusing the same washcloth for a couple of days to dry out excess water can cause germs and dirt to transfer back onto your squeaky clean face so try to change the washcloth after every couple of uses.
  5. Rubbing with a washcloth is bad for your facial skin so opt for a softer and delicate fabric and try to pat-dry your face next time.
  6. Not checking for the ingredients like parabens and alcohol can cause a lot of damage to the skin cells which will eventually show the signs.
  7. Washing your face too little or too often is bad too. Try to wash your face at least twice a day and at most three times unless you’ve been involved in a lot of sweat causing physical activities.
  8. Just because you got your night time regime on point doesn’t make it okay for you to not clean your face when you wake up. The Bacteria from your pillow case, bed sheet and hands can transfer very easily in your sleepy hours onto your face.
  9. Please don’t wipe your face with a shower towel, it is highly recommended that you keep your face towels and shower towels separate for some obvious reasons.
  10. I’ll cut you some slack on this one because we all have our days when we just want to reach for that makeup wipe and doze off but don’t make it a habit as wipes won’t remove the makeup and dirt the same way, a good old cleanser and clean water would.

These are some of the most practical and easiest ways that could optimize your skincare regime, so just try to remember them the next time you head to your bathroom to clean your face. Let me know if you have more to add to this list.

Love, xoxo

Renu Sharma
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