Renu Sharma

Hi, thank you so much for stopping by.

I am Renu Sharma and currently, I am 20 years old. The website that you have stumbled upon is my blog; a dream that has been finally shaped into existence. I have pretty much been an introvert all my life so my thoughts, feelings, and opinions have usually just been my own. Honestly, it took a lot of courage for me to actually get myself to write and put my thoughts on paper.

I guess you’ve figured it out that I write about beauty and skincare; why do I write? Because I enjoy helping others and just reading for myself became a little boring.  Being an introvert, sitting in front of a computer screen seemed to allow me to be in my comfort zone yet share the knowledge I gained by scrolling through a number of blogs daily online. Even before I started this blog, I knew that I want every piece of writing to be personal. This blog is very special to me, I don’t and I can’t write for the sake of just putting a post up for a read; this blog channels my feelings on each and every topic I choose in an effort to connect with my readers.

I will be honest, I am not a professional writer so you might encounter some mistakes here and there or sometimes a few things might seem off. One thing I assure you though, I write for you, I want to connect with my reader on an emotional front. Being straightforward, I like to write to the point; I feel that it makes things easier for you to find the actual information you are looking for and obviously, I’m not forced to pretend someone I am not.

Now, you may be curious about my sources, well, mostly it’s just a lot of studying up of many articles on the internet. I go through writings of both famous and not so famous (but talented) bloggers, lots of extra information and then I jot down the important bits down and then present the information I feel is genuine and logical to the best of my abilities with the main aim of helping anyone reading my blog.

Why do I just write about Beauty and skincare mainly? Well, that’s because of two reasons. You might have heard the quote by Confucius  which says, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Reading and writing about makeup, beauty, skincare and overall well-being makes me happy and content with myself and my goals. The second reason for me is very important and special to me. I see every day and everywhere, how almost everyone is obsessed with the way they look and that’s a good thing. Some people do that well and are admired while I see a lot of people being put down because of their appearance and this breaks my heart. I want to help people, in general, to not get affected negatively by the new trends or airbrushed skin. I want people to look their best without trying too hard so I try to come up with topics that could help them look and feel their best. People are born beautiful and unique and I want to help a little in bringing out this uniqueness. We all should remember that no one is born perfect and we sometimes make mistakes while taking care of ourselves. Through my writing, I try to explain what suits best for whom and what mistakes we all could avoid from time to time.

In the end, I would just like to say that beauty and trends these days have a huge impact on boys and girls from a very young age. I feel that instead of just making an impact, it’s time for the trends to be looked at with more body and self-loving positivity with the aim of uplifting each and everyone regardless of their appearance, height, and size. Every flaw is a blessing; it’s just a matter of perspectives.

Stay Beautiful xoxo