Beauty standards from around the world

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I kind of took a break or you can say, a vacation and travelled because I just needed to. Growing up, I used to move countries almost every three years because of my dad’s job (so grateful!) but since college started, this was my first trip away from my routine. I enjoyed the personal space, the quiet time, I interacted with people from different cultures and I guess, I finally got the inspiration to write my next blog. Travelling countries and actually living with different people has made me realized on a very personal level how subjective beauty actually is; you or I may be considered perfect or flawless at one place and then totally exotic at another.

I like to keep my blogs simple, fun and educating but one message I want all you lovelies to take away from this particular article is that no matter where you are from or how you are perceived, there is absolutely no need for you to alter yourself just to fit in. the world is vast; when you look beyond your own circle, you will realize how much more there is to beauty. There is no beauty standard that you need to follow and there is absolutely no need for you to beat yourself down over your looks. Respect and wear your individuality proudly, that way you will always remain beautiful.

so, let’s jump in and find out what traits are desirable in countries listed below.





-preferably hourglass (busty with a perky derriere)






South Korea


-double eyelids (huge in South Korea)

-V shape jaw

-porcelain and perfect skin



-muscular thighs

-toned bodies

-prominent butt ( popular surgical procedure)

self-confident beauty



-lean and long legs

-long blonde or brown hair

-clear skin





-plump lips

-makeup is well appreciated



-slim nose (Rhinoplasty is shown off with pride at times)

-dark long hair

-brown eyes



-Ethiopians find scars beautiful (wow, while a lot of us don’t even want to accept our natural stretch marks)

-shaved heads

-body modifications like lip plate 

This list can go on and on because we live in a very vibrant culture with each country having its personal history and lifestyle. I tried my best to address some of most popular cultural and beauty standards and I am sorry if I missed certain few or got anything wrong on the list. If you have anything to share from your culture or your own personal views, please do let me know through the comments down below.

Love, xoxo

Renu Sharma
I loathe narcissism but I approve of vanity - Diana Vreeland.

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