Beginner’s guide to color correcting makeup

Image by Beata Dudová from Pexels

You’ve heard the term and I’m sure you’ve seen it somewhere on Instagram; they are usually the pastel colors that you walk past in the makeup aisle. For those of you, who aren’t too familiar with it, color correcting makeup is just the art of using colors opposite to each other on the color wheel to hide skin imperfections; the two opposite colors on the color wheel when used together cancel each other out. The pastel colors like lavender, pink, green etc target multiple skin issues like dullness, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, and redness. Color correction is not for everyone because first, it’s not so easy and second, more often than not, you could get away with well-done foundation and concealer.

But, for those beauties who are suffering from skin conditions and don’t want imperfections to stand in their way of confidence, I have a super easy table guide to get you started with color correctors.

Light skin

Medium skin

Dark skin

Pink – dark circles and dark spots

Green – intense redness 🙂 🙂


Lavender – dullness

🙂  🙂 🙂
Red – dark circles & hyper pigmentation


Yellow – mild redness 🙂 🙂


Orange – darks circles and dark spots 🙂


Peach – dark circles and dark spots 🙂


With color correctors, always remember to blend well to make sure no colorful patches are showing through your foundation and please try to do your makeup in natural sunlight.

Love, xoxo

Renu Sharma
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