Best eyeshadow colors for your eye color

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I love colors and I cherish them just a little more when they are in makeup form. I was introduced to eyeshadows in the form of those little kids makeup and as far as I can remember, they really intrigued me back then. Life was simpler and I was carefree; choice of color was based on mood and not on occasion or dressing. Well, not much has changed when it comes to my love for colors but one thing I’ve realized, not all colors go equally well with each other and the same goes for picking out a particular shade to adorn your eyes with.

Today, I will give you a quick, simple and shimmery guide to match your eyes to the perfect eyeshadow color, the next time you are in a rush or nervous about a big event and want foolproof peepers.

Blue Eyes

Anything with an orange undertone will definitely help bring out the blue in your eyes; shades similar to terracotta are a perfect day wear. Neutral tones like corals help blue eyes create a softer look for the individual. With shades of gold and bronze, your baby blues will definitely be catching everyone’s eyes at the soiree.

Brown Eyes

Being considered a neutral color, anyone having brown eyes is able to carry a wide range of colors with ease and grace but still, there are a few colors that are considered to be a little more helpful than others. With purple and plum shades, you can bring out the clarity of your brown eyes whereas, with green eyes, you can make the brown eyes look lighter and make them stand out. Another way that brown eyes pop with color is by using tones of grays on your lid and a little black to the crease to intensify the look.

Hazel Eyes

These are my absolute favorite and I really do wish I had this color but oh well, you can’t have everything you want because at the end of the day, what you have is the perfect. For you lucky ladies out there, your eyes are neither completely green nor brown and this uniqueness in your eyes can be enhanced by choosing your eyes shadow palette wisely. To bring out the brown in your eyes, apply brown and earthy shades to your lids and when you want the green to come into the limelight, go for colors with a purple undertone. When gold is applied to hazel eyes, the eyes are just meant to sparkle but just try to keep this light as a heavy and smoky shadow will do just the opposite.

Green Eyes

Green eyes are just so beautiful and delicate and almost every shade of purple looks gorgeous on ladies possessing them when done right. Red stands opposite to green on the color wheel and this makes shades like lilac, lavender, and anything containing red as an undertone, the perfect pick for the eyelids.

Gray Eyes

 This rare eye color, I feel is breathtakingly beautiful in an intense manner. The key to working with this eye color is subtlety. Cobalt and shades of blue are best when you want to add some color to your face; strategically placing charcoals and shimmery shades into the eyelid can add depth to the eyes as these may sometimes come across as flat. The key to working with gray eyes lies in the art of subtlety.

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