bronzing vs contouring

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No, these two products are not the same thing. In everyday life, we pretty much mix up the terms bronzing and contouring but from a technical point of view, these terms contain different meaning in the beauty realm. They not only differ as products but also the makeup looks they help create.

Whenever I hear the word ‘bronzing’, I think of a sun-kissed glowy look while ‘contouring’ automatically swirls the images of Instagram models in dark and light powder, aiming for a defined and chiseled face.

When I use my bronzer, it’s almost always with the aim of adding some warmth to my face. I personally, love the glowy look so bronzer is one of my favorite products. In my personal opinion, bronzers should have at least some shimmer or light reflecting property because if you take the shimmer out, you take the whole fun away too. More often than not, the color in the bronzing powder has some sort of warm undertone; a matte bronzer just makes it more or less a contouring powder except that it still adds warmth to your face. Bronzers usually to me serves as a lifesaver in moments of a hurry (always!); it adds color and avoids the flat face look.

Contouring, that’s a term we mostly are familiar with and though I am not a huge fan, I do appreciate what it does to your face when done correctly. Contouring is basically the technique of strategically placing cool toned shadows on your face to define and highlight your best features. Contouring is usually seen everywhere these days as opposed to bronzing that gains popularity mainly in the summer. Contouring isn’t something you would you do if you are looking for some glow as contouring products don’t usually contain warmth and I don’t think a shimmery contour will give you a desirable makeup look. Contouring does add some color to your face like the bronzer but its main purpose is to give the face more structure.

Bronzers are fun and I lean more towards it as I love a natural glow, whether it’s the summer or winter. I am a little lazy too so contouring seems like a daunting task to me and honestly, I don’t possess the talent and patience to carry out this technique to finesse. While adding glow, bronzer also brings some depth to your face so that kills two birds with one stone for my everyday minimalistic makeup.

This was me sharing my view, let me know what you usually choose for your everyday makeup look 🙂

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Renu Sharma
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