Beauty Benefits of the Banana peel

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Banana is a pretty popular fruit in our everyday lives; it tastes good, is available everywhere throughout the year and isn’t so expensive to buy. I remember my mom always advising me to take a banana with me to snack on before my exams, apparently, it helps in keeping your brain alert and relaxes the nerve. I still follow my mom’s advice when it comes to exams but there was one thing she missed out on, to not throw the banana peel away.

I have always thrown away the banana peel until recently I found out that it can do wonders for the skin.  Obviously, you don’t need to save every banana peel but here are a couple of reasons why the peel doesn’t always belong in the bin.

Treats acne

This one came from a friend of mine and let me tell you, it really worked for me. I was suffering from a really bad acne breakout and rubbing the banana peel actually helped in reducing the appearance of acne. Take it as a friendly advice and try to rub the inside of the banana peel on your acne to help with it, it might just work for you too.

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

You might have heard of people hailing the banana as an at home and all natural Botox treatment but did you know that the peel can help you with aging too. Rubbing a banana peel and washing it after half an hour regularly can help you achieve younger looking skin

Brightens skin

I didn’t really know this but while hanging out on the internet a little, I found out that banana peel is actually consumed in some countries (WOW, and I thought it was trash). Well, the banana peel is said to contain a lot of nutrients; I am not sure if I will ever be able to convince myself to eat it but I guess the topical use of the peel for an extra boost of nutrients won’t hurt.

BONUS: Whitens teeth

It not only aids with skin problems, the banana peel can help you achieve those pearly whites. I and my friend tested this out and it did work, though it tastes and feels weird.

Lovelies, always remember to do a patch test to check for any allergic reaction before the use of both natural and cosmetic products. In this case, try to use ripe banana peels but don’t hold on to them for too long after you’ve eaten the banana and this is very important, remember to wash the banana peel thoroughly so it could be safe from any sprayed pesticides.

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