Emergency Makeup Hacks

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Let’s be honest, makeup is expensive and though paying hundreds of dollars at Sephora, Asos, or Nordstrom is always an option for us girls, sometimes we just don’t want to or possibly can’t invest so much. Maybe we are a little tight on cash this month, or a makeup newbie who doesn’t want to spend so much on a product or we can just feel your creative juices flowing, whatever the reason be, once in our lives, we all have tried our hand at DIYs.

Personally, I love to shop and guilty as charged, I love spending my time along with my bucks on new makeup yet, there are times when I run out of product in situations of emergency. Looking at your incomplete face and wishing for that one product is a feeling no girl wants to encounter, especially when it comes before an important date, interview or party.

Today I’ve come up with a list of some hacks that both I and you can count on to save our look and probably the day.

DIY makeup spatula

Just remember to grab one of those straw things with which you mix your sugar and milk in your coffee next time you go to Starbucks or any local café and voila, you have your free of cost makeup spatula.

No highlighter in your makeup bag?

We all need a little highlighter in life and also on the face to achieve that perfect glow but what to do when that’s not around. Don’t worry, get hold of an old broken eyeshadow, preferably in the colors champagne and pearl and mix it with a face cream or lotion; there you go, an instant highlighter.

Rosy cheeks just a lipstick away

Urgh, this one is a no-brainer because we all have done it or at least noticed our moms pulling this off with perfection. Just grab any good lipstick complementing your skin tone, ranging from peach to coral to red and dab it on the apples of your cheeks, now blend it really well.

 Flirty lashes sans mascara

Maybe your mascara is too clumpy or dried up and you have absolutely no way to get your mascara to work but no fear when the gel eyeliner is here.  Take some gel liner and coat your mascara wand with it. Once you have enough on the wand, just brush through your lashes with it to get those gorgeous awake eyes.

 Want those feline eyes but can’t seem to find your eyeliner?

Scrape some eyeshadow of any color you wish your eyeliner to be, and follow up with a few drops of water and eye primer. Mix them both thoroughly and keep adding more of either the water or the primer depending upon the consistency you are wishing to achieve. Once you feel that there aren’t any more lumps in your freshly made eyeliner, it’s good to go on the eyes.

So, now that you know this, you hopefully would never have to face those half complete makeup looks followed by those nasty self-conscious thoughts that might strike you while stepping out the door.

Love, xoxo

Renu Sharma
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