Essential oils that could warm up your winter

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It’s getting colder by the day and I am super excited for the winter. I have always preferred my blanket and hot chocolate over being out in the hot and humid weather. However, my love for winter could never overcome the feelings of dreadful and dark mornings followed by shivering hands and cold feet.

We enjoy piling blankets and quilts on top of us in the hope that we would never have to leave this coziness, but the sad truth is that we all have to get up, and work. So, in order to make this harsh reality a little more bearable, I will introduce you to some of the wonderful essential oils that will help you feel warm and cozy sans your blankets and put you in a great mood for the day ahead.


We all associate this earthy fragrance with the festive season but besides being used to make yummy treats, the oil of cinnamon can be used to keep your skin warm and you, diseases free.


Lavender essential oil can offer you the joy of a great night’s sleep while providing you with antidepressant properties. Incorporating this pleasant smelling essential oil into your life will help you relax and enjoy the weather.


Grapefruit, orange, lemon etc will pick up your mood between short and dull winter days. Adding these in the form of essential oil in your food could help ward off illnesses and when sprayed around, these oils will benefit you with their anti-bacterial properties.


This incredible essential oil contains antiseptic along with antibacterial properties and is widely used in the form of various over the counter ointments. Eucalyptus is an essential oil that can do wonders for the respiratory system and keep the body healthy. Next time you try to make some cough drops, don’t forget to Eucalyptus as it would help keep the sore throat miles away.


Frankincense essential oil isn’t just immunity boosting, but when applied topically, can help with wrinkles and stretch marks along with offering you anti-aging properties. It helps ease pain and inflammation providing you with many medicinal benefits related to the digestive and reparatory tract.

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