Exploring Korean beauty ideals: honey skin VS glass skin

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We are all aware of the role that South Korea plays on the beauty front. If you have any interest in the Korean beauty market, then you must have heard about the two terms describing enviable skin.Koreans are blessed with perfect skin, be it because of their diet or their rigorous skincare routine. South Korea obsesses over having baby smooth clear skin that glows from within. The two terms often used in Korea as a compliment to your skin are “glass skin” and ‘honey skin”. No matter how far apart the west is from the east, beauty always keeps the two sides of the globe connected as there is a great curiosity towards knowing what ideals the beauty giant, South Korea looks up to.

Glass skin as the name suggests aims for the skin as translucent as glass (I want!); when skin is so clear and poreless, it is dubbed as glass skin. This was popularized by a Los Angeles based makeup artist Ellie Choi by the name elliejellyb3an on Instagram. Honey skin is an older term used by Koreans for a long time to describe major skin goals. This effect aims for a dewier and plump skin that is deeply moisturized and shiny.

Some of you might be confused between the two terms as they both take a different spin on more or less the same idea; both these techniques help you achieve clear and healthy skin. For you lazy girls out there wishing for perfect skin, you can achieve honey skin by trying certain oils and creams which would provide your skin with intense moisture and hydration and for those of us who like to dedicate a little more time to our skin, you can give glass skin a shot by following a skincare routine involving cleansing, gentle scrubbing and regular use of sheet masks.

Oh! Remember to stock up on plenty of fruits and veggies and please stay hydrated, otherwise, all this hard work would be of no use, because for the clarity and radiance, eating well is crucial.

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