Is baking with baby powder safe?

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You might have stumbled across words like baking or cooking while watching your favorite YouTubers turn themselves into absolute divas with flawless makeup. Baking, in short, is just letting translucent powder sit on your face for about five to ten minutes and then dusting it off with a big fluffy brush. When done right, this technique helps in setting the foundation and avoids the creasing of concealer.

This technique is used by both celebrities and people like you and me. It gives such good results every time, but when people start using products that might not be so good for the skin and health, it becomes a matter of concern. Going by the title you might have guessed it by now, I am referring to the use of baby powder as an alternative to the traditional translucent powder.

Initially, I had heard about the use baby powder to bake makeup from a friend and when I searched about it, I was really surprised by its popularity in the beauty community. Since I have a habit of second-guessing everything that goes on my face in the form of skincare and makeup, I wasn’t totally convinced of this idea. Something that is not meant for your face shouldn’t really go on your face. Below I have listed some of the reasons why you beauties must invest in a good translucent powder and refrain from  incorporating baby powder in your daily makeup routine

Dry skin

Baby powder basically absorbs the moisture from the skin. Doing this to your face regularly may cause excessive dry skin resulting in a bad canvas for your foundation to go on, eventually resulting in visible patchiness on your face.

Pimples and Acne

We all are familiar with the fact that when our skin is over dried, it produces more oils to compensate for the moisture loss. This accumulation of oil on your face leads to more and more pimples and acne on your face and also a lot of shine.

Lung Disease

Prolonged transfer of talc particles into your system via your nose may lead to multiple respiratory diseases and irritation of the lungs. It may cause inflammation in the respiratory system and in some rare cases may even increase the risk of cancer, YIKES! (Don’t worry, I doubt you inhale that much amount of talcum powder aka baby powder, directly or indirectly.)

Serious flashback

Not applying powder properly or applying it too much may give you serious flashbacks while taking pictures. You may look like a perfect porcelain doll in real life but you might want to stay clear, where there are a lot of cameras and flash as the makeup won’t look too attractive in pictures. The flashback is mostly due to higher concentrations of ingredients like talc and silica.

Baby powder, when used occasionally or in a time of emergency can literally save the day for you but next time you go makeup shopping, don’t rely on baby powder to bake your makeup as investing another few bucks would definitely be worth it.

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