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It’s almost the end of 2017 and I believe that you might have come across Matcha green tea at some point during the year. I think I first noticed this new trend of matcha when people started posting on Instagram pretty Matcha desserts. It did look pretty but it also left me wondering what this new fad was all about. Green tea has been a part of my life for quite some time and when this new trend surfaced, I was a little confused as to why suddenly everyone was swapping the traditional green tea for this pretty green powder.

Upon searching Matcha, I found out that this tea is basically a more effective way of reaping the benefits of green tea. The green tea leaves, towards the end of their growth, are shaded from the sun in order to increase the chlorophyll content present in them. These leaves with extra chlorophyll are later are ground using transitional methods, producing a vibrant green powder.

Honestly, I’m a little on the edge about giving matcha tea a try but I also love being healthy so, it is definitely on my resolutions for 2018. You can say that this article is partially a way of me trying to convince myself into giving in to this miraculously healthy trend. Below I have listed some of the most commonly touted benefits of this tea in an effort to convince the both of us to start sipping this in 2018.

According to a study, matcha tea contains 137 times more antioxidants than your regular cup of green tea so, drinking 1 cup of matcha tea could provide you the same benefits from about 10 cups of green tea.

Matcha tea is made in a way that allows you to take 100% nutrients of the green tea leaves as they aren’t strained like regular tea. It is so powerful that only half a tsp. of matcha powder can make a cup of matcha tea.

Matcha tea is also known for its metabolism boosting properties. Green tea is already popular for its weight loss properties, so it only seems logical for you to switch to matcha to speed up that process just a little bit, maybe?

Matcha promotes heart health and is known to boost your health. It strengthens the defense mechanism of the body while detoxifying your body at the same time.

Oh, and a little research on the internet told me that, monks in ancient Japan used to consume matcha during long hours of sitting to remain alert and enhance their focus so, I’m guessing it’s good for your brain too.

Hope you all have a healthy and happy year ahead of yourselves!

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