Trends that should be left behind in 2017

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I personally am a very straightforward and no-nonsense kinda person so when I feel that some things have had their 15-minutes of fame in my life, I like de-clutter my life in an effort to make more room for new experiences and adventures. We are almost done with another year of our lives and this time is one of the most hopeful as you are the most hopeful for the future, and ready to leave behind whatever obstacles and sorrows the former year presented you with. For those of you who had a wonderful and pleasant 2017, I wish you even greater luck for the future and for those who didn’t have it easy in 2017, chin up, beautiful, it can’t rain all the time.

Before I get too carried away with life, let me get back to makeup and tell you that here, I will list you some of the makeup trends in the year 2017 that I personally feel need to leave behind in this year and give 2018 a fresh canvas to paint on.


I love a good highlight and the whole technique when done right creates such a beautiful makeup look that no one can deny but I feel that this trend got a little too out of hand with people caking their faces with an unnatural amount of shimmer, almost literally highlighting their faces into oblivion.


I am totally and completely against everyday contouring, especially when it makes people look like they’ve got dirt on their faces (sorry!). maybe, this makeup technique is great for nice soiree look and that too when done professionally, but I just feel that contouring creates a sense of insecurity among people. Contouring is both a boon and a curse that helps in altering the way your bone structure looks which might sound wonderful but in practical life, I’m worried about the false self-identity and beauty ideal it creates among people like you and me that sit on their bed scrolling Instagram or when we pass a magazine cover staring right back at us with a perfectly proportionate face.

Contouring every part of your body

please, I request you, just stop; this is just so wrong. We all have a social responsibility to uplift each and every person regardless of the breast size or how good the collarbone looks. This just makes me sad. Maybe I can’t convince a lot of people to change their perspective because, if that’s what makes them happy, it’s all that counts but I am writing this for all you beauties who are reading this right now and are feeling pressurized to look a certain way just to fit in. Believe in yourself and the beauty you were born with. Fashion and beauty are here to make you feel and look your best with what you have, it doesn’t stand against you.

Squiggly eyebrows

this trend was a little daring and fun, quickly leading to a snowball effect giving us the feathered eyebrows, colorful brow, braided eyebrow etc. I personally didn’t have the guts to play around with the way my eyebrows look but I definitely enjoyed scrolling through my Instagram. These eyebrow trends had me guessing and wanting more but let’s face it, these were not so practical and should be left in 2017 so 2018 could bless us with even more creative and adventurous trends.

Lollipop Lip

for those of us who don’t know what this means, it is basically lipstick that is diffused slightly past your lip line. Please, let this trend grace the covers of magazines and not your lips because if you do not leave this behind, your bestie might just ask you to go touch up your lipstick.

Love, xoxo

Renu Sharma
I loathe narcissism but I approve of vanity - Diana Vreeland.

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