zodiac makeup guide: aquarius

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URGH, I know I am a little late again and it’s already 10 days into the rebellious and unpredictable zodiac sign, Aquarius, but I am here finally with a quick and quirky beauty guide. Let me start by saying that regardless of having absolutely unique personalities, they all possess a beauty that flows on their face; the aqua girl just seems so carefree and effortless.

I simply adore the off-beat vibe that I get from this zodiac and for some reason or the other, I am so happy and excited to put this beauty guide together.  I never thought of this earlier but I’ll be honest with you, while drafting this article, I realized how much of an eccentric and positive energy this sign holds; now, I secretly wish I had an Aquarian friend.

Below I have listed some of the most simple and easy ways through which Aquarians could make themselves even more recognizable in a crowd or this guide could just help keep their makeup and aura in sync (hopefully.)

Blue eye makeup

This is something I just feel is so mandatory for the Aquarian energy. I’d personally go for the lighter more soft shades of blue rather than the harsher counterparts but this color has to be there, either in the form of eyeshadow or a quirky eyeliner. But ladies, remember to work with colors according to the color of eyes. For the people who would sparkle in hues of blue, add in some purple to make your eyes all the more attractive and irresistible.

Cool colors

We can’t base everything off of zodiac signs and your undertone does play a part but somehow, I feel that most Aquarians would be able to carry the cool colors to finesse.  Add a palette of blues, purples, greens and even cool shades of yellow and orange to your vanity; do some trial and error until you find what looks best.

Colorful yet natural

Aquarians have such eccentric beauty and I feel it should not be subdued by heavy and multiple layers of makeup. Going for a pop of color here and there while still being natural is the look that would complement the raw aquarian aura. If you go for a bright color on the lids then go for something less intense or vise versa; always remember to have some color (just a little less intense).


Metallics aren’t for the faint-hearted and an aqua girl definitely knows how to take metallic risks. I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but there is something so distant and different about the eyes Aquarians possess; a matte eyeshadow definitely won’t do justice. Same goes for the lips, metallic lip colors could add much needed quirk to the makeup look but if you aren’t too comfortable, start with the more subtle shades of pink and nude.

Love, xoxo

Renu Sharma
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