Zodiac Makeup Guide: Capricorn

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Happy New Year to anyone and everyone reading this; a beautiful year just ended and another hopeful year has just begun. The first week for almost anyone is all about resolutions, changes, hope, and HOROSCOPES! Yes, I don’t know about you, but I can’t help myself read about what astrology has to say about the year ahead though I am a firm believer that luck follows hard work.

I was a little puzzled about what my first post should be for the year 2018. After a little brainstorming, I thought of coming up with a makeup guide for each sign; I know, I am a little late with the Capricorn guide (sorry) but I’ll try to post on time for the rest of the 11 zodiac signs.

Makeup, clothes or anything that you present to the world without uttering a word screams your personality. Here, I have just come up with a few things that I would have probably done with my makeup if I were a Capricorn.

Cat Eye

A Capricorn woman exudes elegance and grace so, a simple cat eye would really do justice to her personality while adding to her traditional glamour.


Being friends with a few Caps, I have realized that they mean business; they prefer to be fuss-free and the same concept is applied to their makeup.


Capricorns have a really steady and down to earth personality. Use of earthy and neutral eyeshadow shades would bring out the humbleness in their personality for the world to see.


They don’t really enjoy a lot of bling and chaos in their lives. They usually prefer to not take a lot of risks when it comes to their makeup so glittery makeup just doesn’t seem to stay true to their determined personality.


These women have one of the most amazing bone structure (LOVE). Since makeup is there to refine the natural beauty, therefore, a light and subtle contour puts their delicate features and beautiful cheekbones on display for the world to admire.

Nude Lip

It’s my general opinion, I don’t think a bold lip is for the Capricorn woman; they are able to pull off a nude lip so much more comfortably.

Love, xoxo

Renu Sharma
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